If you have any questions or queries, would like to get involved, or if you have any information about any of the developments we have listed here, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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  1. Why no updates since April? The Herbert extension looks great…can we please have some updates

  2. Interesting article about Jerde on Coventry Villagebuzz:

    “One has to ask oneself the simple question as to whether Coventry city centre needs over quarter of a million square metres of new shops when already there are lots of empty shops and all the forcasts are for this to get worse. It is not just a matter of waiting till after the recession either because the whole shape of retail has changed, we buy ever increasing amounts over the internet and for real world shopping people prefer out of town retail parks.

    The Jerde masterplan is financed by future rents and the sale of city centre housing and so is flawed. What the city centre needs is resources and facilities that give the citizens of Coventry a reason to make the journey in. One thing that Coventry is very weak on is sporting facilities, for instance. Also there is a distinct lack of exhibition space for the likes of Craft Fairs and hobbyist markets. It is these sorts of venues that would make the centre hum again. And some boutique hotels would be good.

    If anyone really wants to give Coventry a leg up then the best way would for us to be an early adopter of the 100 Mbit/second broadband that is slowly being phased in. If our politicians lobbied for us getting this the effects would be massive.”

  3. Hi,
    I would like to offer you a free page on our website to put what ever wish on there.
    In exchange all I ask for is a link to our site.
    Kind regards.
    Anthony Johnson.
    One Coventry

  4. Im guessing everbody has forgot about this blog now then!

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