Posted by: rottersclub | March 15, 2010


Just a quick update on some of this things that have been shown on this site:

a) QCA is now finished and open. The plan for Earlsdon Park has been changed and resubmitted. There will now be a hotel in the old college building, located partly on a new lightweight floor. There will be an office block behind the  college building rather than apartments.

b) The Butts Apartments/Health club appears to be no longer going ahead

c) Friar’s Road is back up for sale – the site is cleared.

d) Millennium  View is being turned into a “pocket park”

e) Phase#1 of Belgrade Plaza has been completed. Pizza Express and Bella Italia have moved into two of the units. Metro Bar and Grill appear to have pulled out, as have Gala – leaving the casino unit empty. Phase 2 (Radisson) has hit financial trouble and appears to be dead, and Phase III has been turned into a student halls of residence. This is all very disappointing.

f) Friargate has been given outline planning permission, but there seems to be some doubt over the ringroad closure, which is a major aspect of it.

g) The 2nd attempt at a precinct? Jerde’s masterplan is based around shops, yet the city languishes with no decent music venues and a council that seems happy to let other cities and towns prosper and has been ignoring cries for some sort of venue. I’m sure there are other entertainment sectors that people feel Coventry lacks. (Such as the Assembly in Leamington). Coventry needs more than shops to bring the centre to life.

h) No sign of Bishop’s Place starting – the land has been cleared.

i) There has been an application to renew the plans for flats opposite IKEA (Victoria Buildings)

j) various small plans are languishing in development hell – I expect most of these will no longer be going ahead.

k) Severn Trent is almost finished.

l) Coventry University have been busy knocking down pubs (Hope and Anchor, Peacock) and are filling in the gap next to the Herbert Gallery with a student centre and building a car park at the bottom of Gosford Street – their engineering centre looks interesting.

m) Swanswell appears to have stalled, although the college is finished and a new school is going up, along with a health clinic and a salvation army hostel.


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