Posted by: rottersclub | March 15, 2010

Eat, drink, but don’t shop

Retail in Coventry seems to be in terminal decline, with very little opening up – HMV have moved from Hertford Street and moved into the former ZAVVI unit, but their selection of stock has not improved. Hertford Street is somewhat desolate now as it has also lost the post office.

Interestingly, Past Times have opened up in West Orchards, apparently due to people asking why there isn’t one Coventry.

A number of new cafes have opened up: Caffe Italian on Trinity Street, Cafe Oregano on the High Street (Former Wedge bookship unit) and in the former Newt and Cucumber. Costa Coffee have opened up in the upper precinct, there’s a new Fish and Chip shop on Hertford Street and Amber Caffe on Market way.

Plenty of Pawnbrokers & a the former Woolworth’s unit is now a Poundland. Which is really what Woolworth’s began as.

A Chinese Supermarket has opened up on Market Way, with a decent selection of Asian goods and fresh vegetables.


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