Posted by: scoreadmin | November 26, 2007

How would you improve Coventry City centre?

What would you like to see happen in Coventry?  Have any ideas about how to improve the built environment in Coventry City centre and make it a more desirable place to visit, eat, shop or live?  Please post you ideas and suggestions here.



  1. 1) Make the shopping area larger by opening it up to the surroundings more, so it forms natural gateways to the rest of the city (At the moment it’s a bit of a ghetto)
    2) Some impressive landmark buildings (Skyscrapers, if economicaly possible)
    3) A live music venue – catering for large bands & smaller bands – a bit like the Civic Hall complex in Wolves.
    4) Better shops – decent department store.
    5) More concentration of restaurants around Priory Place. It’s too small and not very well connected.

  2. I would also like to see a Tram system that makes it possible to reach low levels of car usage for journeys within the city.

  3. Pedestrianise the high street from Lloyds down to Trinity Street. This would force many buses that would normally use that road down Jordan Well to Pool Meadow (the Council’s infatuation with keeping that open), and create fewer traffic jams in broadgate…although the area is meant to be for taxis and buses only, how many private cars do you see every day use this…hundreds!

    Get rid of the “road” underneath the whittle already looks in dersperate need of repair with bricks coming loose, and every time I go down there, at least one of those metal bollards is bent after some idiot has hit them (looks shabby). This area also creates traffic problems for the buses that come along corporation street, past the motor museum, and then use the road to get to Pool Meadow.

    In essence, I would like to see two “loops”, one whereby Trinity street and the Burges is used for public transport, the other where Pool Meadow can be used.

    Destroy Cathedral Lanes, I dont want to sound biased, but the area around the Cathedral, and the potential to link it all the way down Priory Place to the Whittle Arches and the Transport Museum, is one hell of an area to be proud of, yet no one can see it behind this orange brick monstrosity. Get the green space back, with Godiva (a symbol of Coventry) standing proud and visible.

    As a result of the demolition, Wilkinson’s could move to the old “What Everyone Wants” shop, by Debenhams (create footfall around that area).

    As that store that used to be BWise is closing down, try and persuade Primark to move there, and then get John Lewis in to the current Primark store. The former Allders store is obviously too big for Primark, they dont use even half of it…and such a key central location could go a long way to entice John Lewis to the City.

  4. I’d rather they just demolished the old BWise store and What everyone wants. Wilkinson’s is hardly the sort of store you want opposite the new Belgrade Plaza development.

    Why are people obsessed with Cathedral Lanes? If it wasn’t there you’d mainly see the back of the old county court building. They always planned to build on that land even in the 1940s. The big mistake they made was the way they linked it and also the demolition of the old library which should have been retained and restored. I’d rather they returned this area to a pre-war, atmospheric grid of alleys and streets with frontages.

  5. Firstly get rid of that ugly canopy in broadgate which hides the godiva statue, and possibly get rid of cathedral lanes as there are plenty of other areas in the city centre that could house the small amount of shops in there, mainly Wilkinsons and waterstones, and there is already a waterstones in the precinct anyway. Open up broadgate as it once was, and have some greenery in the city centre, not a complete concrete jungle.
    It would also be good to open up a view down Hertford Street again like it was before the war when the bank curved round into the distance, not be cornered off by the precinct buildings.
    I am glad to see a regeneration of the Burges is in the pipeline so at least something good is happening to an old area of the city for once rather than it being flattened like the old hippodrome was.

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