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What do people do?

Ericsson are closing down their Ansty R&D site with the loss of 800 high tech jobs – this is a huge blow to the city and marks to the end of the telecoms equipment making site of GEC that has been in Coventry since the early 1920s. Ericsson bought the division when they purchased Marconi. The rest of Marconi is now called Telent and based in Warwick.

Coventry has lost 18,000 private sector jobs in the last decade and is now reliant on the public sector.

Posted by: rottersclub | March 15, 2010

Eat, drink, but don’t shop

Retail in Coventry seems to be in terminal decline, with very little opening up – HMV have moved from Hertford Street and moved into the former ZAVVI unit, but their selection of stock has not improved. Hertford Street is somewhat desolate now as it has also lost the post office.

Interestingly, Past Times have opened up in West Orchards, apparently due to people asking why there isn’t one Coventry.

A number of new cafes have opened up: Caffe Italian on Trinity Street, Cafe Oregano on the High Street (Former Wedge bookship unit) and in the former Newt and Cucumber. Costa Coffee have opened up in the upper precinct, there’s a new Fish and Chip shop on Hertford Street and Amber Caffe on Market way.

Plenty of Pawnbrokers & a the former Woolworth’s unit is now a Poundland. Which is really what Woolworth’s began as.

A Chinese Supermarket has opened up on Market Way, with a decent selection of Asian goods and fresh vegetables.

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Just a quick update on some of this things that have been shown on this site:

a) QCA is now finished and open. The plan for Earlsdon Park has been changed and resubmitted. There will now be a hotel in the old college building, located partly on a new lightweight floor. There will be an office block behind the  college building rather than apartments.

b) The Butts Apartments/Health club appears to be no longer going ahead

c) Friar’s Road is back up for sale – the site is cleared.

d) Millennium  View is being turned into a “pocket park”

e) Phase#1 of Belgrade Plaza has been completed. Pizza Express and Bella Italia have moved into two of the units. Metro Bar and Grill appear to have pulled out, as have Gala – leaving the casino unit empty. Phase 2 (Radisson) has hit financial trouble and appears to be dead, and Phase III has been turned into a student halls of residence. This is all very disappointing.

f) Friargate has been given outline planning permission, but there seems to be some doubt over the ringroad closure, which is a major aspect of it.

g) The 2nd attempt at a precinct? Jerde’s masterplan is based around shops, yet the city languishes with no decent music venues and a council that seems happy to let other cities and towns prosper and has been ignoring cries for some sort of venue. I’m sure there are other entertainment sectors that people feel Coventry lacks. (Such as the Assembly in Leamington). Coventry needs more than shops to bring the centre to life.

h) No sign of Bishop’s Place starting – the land has been cleared.

i) There has been an application to renew the plans for flats opposite IKEA (Victoria Buildings)

j) various small plans are languishing in development hell – I expect most of these will no longer be going ahead.

k) Severn Trent is almost finished.

l) Coventry University have been busy knocking down pubs (Hope and Anchor, Peacock) and are filling in the gap next to the Herbert Gallery with a student centre and building a car park at the bottom of Gosford Street – their engineering centre looks interesting.

m) Swanswell appears to have stalled, although the college is finished and a new school is going up, along with a health clinic and a salvation army hostel.

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Yes I know, no updates for nearly a year. Well, I am currently residing in sunny Mallorca; and seeing as all the other people who were behind the SCORE project at the very beginning seem unwilling to keep the site updated, I guess it is left to me.  I will  soon be returning to the Sky Blue City and upon my arrival I promise to update the site.

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Herbert Art Gallery – Latest construction picture.

Below is the latest image of the new extension of the Herbert Art Gallery, and very nice it is too! To the rear of this new building Coventry University plan to build a new IT centre – planning permission for which was granted at the same time at the Herbert extension. Work should start on this building in the summer.

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Belgrade Plaza – Latest construction pictures.

Phase 2a is now well underway as you can see from these pictures. The resubmitted proposals for phase 2b have been recommended for approval by the planning committee and work should start in the summer. Changes to phase 2b include the removal of the balconies from the Radisson Edwardian hotel (which will now be 2 storeys higher), expanded conference facilities and an extra restaurant unit. A render of the redesigned Radisson Edwardian hotel is also shown below.

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Updates coming soon…

Apologies for the recent lack of activity.  There will be a complete update of the current/proposed developments section and a number of news and picture updates posted in the next week or so.  Thanks for your patience.

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Severn Trent HQ Application

The application for the Severn Trent HQ has been submitted, and can be seen on the City Council’s planning portal ( This is a large building that will dominate the area. Here is the view from the ringroad.


Here are the East Elevations:

This is the first office development to happen in Coventry since AXA was built in the 1980s. I suggest anyone who supports the regeneration of Coventry wholeheartedly support this application!

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Cheylesmore Office Development

In 2004 permission was granted for a six storey office block on New Union Street, just next to the multi storey car park. The section of land is triangular in shape, with awkward road access, so the developers came up with a unique solution to the road access by proposing car lifts to the basement car park and the corner of the building was where the staircases are located! According to the council’s website, there are discussions ongoing to increase the height of the building to add more office space.

The original plan has the lower floors being used for financial services/professional businesses, and the upper floors as offices.

It would be nice to see more developments like this around the ringroad, utilising the dead land that the ringroad seems to have created.  As this is a stone’s throw away from the Severn Trent HQ, the view from the ringroad would be much improved and more people in the city centre can only be a good thing.

Removing the surface level car parks and building them up seems to be a sensible way forward and brings land back into use and helps create a “proper” city atmosphere.

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Manor Lane Student Halls Development


This is the planned student halls on the junction of Manor Lane and Park Lane, next to the station.  Already objections have been lodged by local residents due to parking issues and the size of the building. However, on a corner such as this, the landmark aspect looks very fitting and the interesting curved edges are a decent feature.

 Cannon Kirk, who are planning the massive Friargate Development, have also lodged an objection due to the quality of the building and the way it fits in with its surroundings. Reading the objection, it seems the developers have been asked to liaise with Farrells, the masterplanners of Friargate.

 Another objection has been lodged as some residents would prefer a mixed development.

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